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What are Roofing Core Samples and How They Can Save You Thousands in Roofing Expenses

What is a Roofing Core Sample?

A roofing core sample is a small piece of material that is cut from the roofing material to inspect its composition. A core sample is taken by inserting a circular saw blade into the roof material and cutting through it.

A roofing core sample can be used in many ways. It can be used to determine the type of roofing material and its composition, as well as to diagnose potential problems that may have arisen in the manufacturing process or during installation.

After the cut is performed, the material sample is returned to its original location and patched.

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Why Take a Roofing Core Sample?

A roofing core sample is a sample of the material used in the construction of a roof. It is usually taken from the area that is most likely to be damaged by water, such as near downspouts, gutters or chimneys.

A roofing core sample can be used to determine the type of material that was used in construction, and whether it is still in good condition. This will help your roofing professional determine what plan of action should be taken to keep you in the dry, be it a replacement, retrofit, restoration, repair, or routine maintenance.


3 Reasons Why You Should Always Get a Roof Core Sample

Some people might think that a roof core sample is too expensive or time-consuming, but it only takes a few minutes and the results are worth it. Here are three reasons why you should always get a roof core sample:

1) Roof Core Samples Provide Useful Info – A roof core sample is a great way to find out the condition of your roof. It can help you identify any potential issues and give you an idea of what needs to be repaired or replaced

2) Roof Core Samples Save Time and Money – If you’re unsure about your current state, getting a roof core sample can help to determine if a repair is needed or not. You can also get a roofing estimate based on the results of your roof core sample.

3) Roof Core Samples Prevent Mistakes in Scope – There are restrictions to when and where certain solutions can be used. knowing what kind of weight the building can bear or whether a certain modification is within code can only be done with 100% certainty if you know what lies below the surface.


Conclusion – The Benefits of Getting a Roof Core Sample are Worth It!

In conclusion, getting a core sample completed during your next routine maintenance inspection or before you send your next project out to bid could be an incredibly important and financially savvy step before you agree to any future replacements, repairs, or retrofit options.

A roof core sample is worth it because it provides valuable information about your home and can help you make an informed decision about what needs to be fixed.


Trust Our Greater Grand Rapids Based Team For Your Next Core Cut

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