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Ice Dams & Snow Removal Services in West Michigan

Your roof is supposed to protect you from the elements. During our harsh Michigan winters, you want your roof to keep the cold out and the heat in. Likewise, your roof should keep the cool in and the heat out in the sultry summertime. However, without proper roofing maintenance, your roof may experience a buildup of excess water, which threatens the structural longevity of your roof. When this water accumulates after a heavy snowfall and builds up in your roof and gutters, it becomes an ice dam.

Let our reliable Versatile Roofing Systems team of professional roofers remove any ice dams and snow buildup from your property. Together, we’ll get your roofing needs taken care of so your home is prepared for any weather conditions.

Repairs Needed from Snowy Conditions

Most Michiganders know that snow wreaks havoc on their homes every winter. Our team of roofers knows how to stop inclement weather from affecting the structural integrity of your home. Once you call on Versatile Roofing Systems, we will provide a fair and honest roof repair estimate. If you’ve had excessive ice dam buildup throughout the winter, then a roof replacement or new gutter drainage system may be required. If your home hasn’t suffered significant damages, our team will promptly remove the ice dam and snow.

Let Us Help With Ice-Related Repairs
and Snow Buildup

After an intense snowstorm, it’s not uncommon for your roof or gutters to experience storm damages that require fixing, like fallen shingles or ice dams. Trust that our roofing company will complete emergency roof repairs quickly. Versatile Roofing Systems will lead you in the right direction with insurance claim assistance, so the roofing repair process will be straightforward from start to finish.


Let us Help Fix Your Leak

Get your roof back in shape by giving our professional team at Versatile Roofing Systems a call at any hour, including weekends and holidays, at (231) 834-9576. We will promptly take care of any emergency roof repair.

Why Choose Versatile Roofing Systems

Trust Versatile Roofing Systems to Get the Job Done Right Every Time!

Our roofers at Versatile Roofing Systems are licensed and insured for any commercial roofing project. We work with material manufacturers that have industry-leading warranties.


Call our dedicated team today for a free estimate at (231) 834-9576.