Metal Wall Panels

Metal Wall Panels in Western Michigan

Metal wall panels are one of the most cost-effective options to insulate and protect a building. Versatile Roofing Systems in partnership with our sister company Straightline Sheet Metal provides high-quality metal fabrication and installation services.

Though it’s important to consider cost, there are many other benefits of using metal panels. They’re durable and rarely need replacement, plus they’re easy to configure when building repairs and modifications are needed.

Metal panels are of great value, and they provide quality output. But what about aesthetics? Let’s not worry, because they come in different designs like flush or ribbed panels and vertical or horizontal installs. With a variety of different paints and finishes, there are limitless customization options to suit your needs.

Types of Commercial and Residential Metal Wall Panels

Each type of wall panel offers it’s own unique benefits.

For example, exposed fastened metal roof and wall panels are the most economic option for commercial projects. These new panel systems attach to the roof deck or wall framing with hidden fasteners, giving it a seamless look. “Exposed” means that the fastener is sticking out after it has been installed. This style of panel is typically wider than standing seam panels so you will need fewer sheets (less time) to cover your roof or wall. Other wall panel types we offer include:


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