Project Case Study – Flint Public Library

The Team at Versatile Roofing recently finished a beautiful project with beautiful new metal paneling at the reinvented Flint Public Library. Our team was thrilled at the opportunity to work on such an important project for the community of Flint Michigan. The renovated Library will be a brighter, more inviting space where reading and other activities are encouraged and supported. It will be a center for community interactions, learning and technology.


Project Summary

This project was a total renovation from inside out. OPN Architects was the designer for this re-imagined public library.  There were a lot of moving parts and trades all working at the same time; union and non-union.  Our portion included all of the metal panels on the roof (Mechanical Penthouse), the aluminum metal plate wall panels (canopy and between windows), and of course the Wood grain Phenolic Panels (exterior facade and interior bleed throughs).

Our portion of the install took place over approximately 4-5 months. Due to the sheer scale of the renovations, there were a lot of start and stop periods of activity during the project.


Scope of Work

Screen Wall/Mechanical Penthouse:  We installed 3,000 SF of Pac-Clad Highline B1 Hidden fastener panels (Matte Black) around the mechanical penthouse and screen wall located on the roof of the building.

Aluminum Plate Wall Panels: Manufactured by Dri-Design we installed close to 3,000 SF of panels installed between the windows and installed around the canopy.  The colors were Teal Green and Anthracite Gray.

Phenolic Panels:  Manufactured by Fundermax we install around 13,000 SF of Fundermax Modulo Phenolic Resin wall panels in the color Jazz NT.  These panels were attached to black painted extruded hat channel furring and attached via hidden clips.  For the wall prep we used Dorken Delta Vent SA as a vapor barrier which is a self adhered water and air barrier system.  At the columns of this building, the Fundermax Panels ran from the exterior and continued on into the interior.

Trust Our Team

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