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Leaking Roof In The Winter - Is it too late to repair or replace?

Can you roof during the winter?

For the team at Versatile Roofing Systems, this isn’t our first time around a Michigan Winter. Cold weather brings a lot of snow, ice, and other roof-damaging conditions, especially here in West Michigan. If a roof sustains any kind of damage during the winter season, our winter-ready roofers have the proper expertise. Leaking roofs in the winter need to be fixed right away because problems will only get worse as winter pushes on.

Due to the colder weather, ice dams are a major issue for many homeowners and business owners. The ice dams freeze and build up a ridge of snow and ice, blocking the flow of melting snow from draining off the roof. The dammed water can find its way through cracks in the roof and flow into the building causing a “leaking roof.” Furthermore, according to FEMA Snow Load Safety Guidance, when snow accumulates at different depths in different locations on a roof, it results in high and concentrated snow loads that can potentially overload the roof structure.

If you’re looking to climb onto your roof and sort it out yourself, this can be quite hazardous due to the height and potential for treacherous ice slippage. Get a professional roofer’s expertise who’ll make sure your experience is a relaxing one and your safety has been guaranteed.

Pros and Cons of Roofing in the Wintertime

When winter rolls around and the snow starts to pile up, you may think that now is the time to put off your leaking roof project. The truth is, this may be a better time to consider getting a roof serviced in order to save on extra costs later.

The Pros –

  • During the classic seasonal slow-down time of the roofing industry, securing a quote to schedule work may work in your favor.

  • A new repair or replacement gives you peace of mind that your building or home can withstand winter’s ruthlessness for years to come.


When it comes to being a roofer, the cold weather can make it difficult to stay warm and dry on the job. However, just like a roofer, the actual roof and its materials also need to be at a proper temperature to perform well.

The Cons –

  • Roofing materials are sensitive to wintertime conditions. Shingles, for example, will require extra care during this season. Cold temperatures can prevent them from sealing fully and can lead to weak spots where water is able to penetrate the roof. It’s important to select a roofer that is familiar with their products and the temperature limits so that they can protect their clients’ property effectively.

  • Safety, safety, safety. Roofing in winter is not recommended because of the increased safety concerns. However, it is doable and a roofing partner such as Versatile Roofing Systems puts safety first during wintery jobs!
Leaking Roof In The Winter Maintenance - Versatile Roofing Systems

Should You Repair, Replace, or Maintain Your Winterized Roof?

In order to maintain your roof, you must first know whether it needs repair, replacement, or maintenance. When it comes to having a proactive vs. reactive approach to fixing a wintery leaking roof, the most important thing is to identify the problem.

Follow The Signs –
Repair: If there are cracks, wet, or sagging spots forming on walls or ceiling, this is a sign that the problem needs to be repaired by a professional as soon as possible.

Replacement: If you notice large areas where shingles/sheets are missing from your roof system, there’s a higher chance of irreversible internal damage that needs overall replacement.

Maintenance: If you see signs of aging, mold, or mildew on your roofing system, this might mean that it can benefit from an annual maintenance program and cleaning.

Time To Seal It All Up

Out of sight, out of mind right? Well, not quite… Roofs in the north are exposed to more extreme cold and snow in winter and are often overlooked despite it covering one of a property owner’s greatest assets. That’s why the best time to get your roof inspected is during the late fall or early spring. It is truly harder to find leaks when the roof is covered with snow or ice courtesy of the winter season.

Simply put, plan ahead. If you spot any of these potential warning signs, get your roof inspected right away. Consider working with a professional such as Versatile Roofing Systems, who has extensive experience in winter-specific roofing and will take the time to ensure that your repairs or replacements are performed properly and safely from start to finish. Give Versatile Roofing Systems a call today at 231.834.9576 or Contact Us Here to stay in the dry.