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Get low-slope roofing installation services from Versatile Roofing today. Located in Grant, MI and serving Grand Rapids & all of West Michigan.

A low-slope roof is one of the best roofing styles for large commercial buildings. Versatile Roofing Systems in Grant & Grand Rapids, MI specializes in commercial low-slope roofing installation for small and large businesses. We supply a complete line of single-ply low-slope roofing systems. Count on us for new roofing installation, complete tear-offs, remodels, repairs and maintenance programs.

We are certified Firestone Contractors and offer full Firestone Red Shield warranties in low-slope, steep-slope, metal roofing, metal siding and insulated metal wall systems. Contact us for professional roofing services.

Find a dependable commercial roof

Find a dependable commercial roof

Low-slope roofing is made from durable, cost-effective materials that last longer than most roofing styles. Versatile Roofing Systems works with a variety of premium materials, including:

  • PVC membrane - resistant to fire and water damage and reflects UV rays for better energy efficiency
  • EPDM - resists punctures from storm damage and easily covers custom buildings
  • TPO - low maintenance and withstands harsh weather and damage from fire

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